Worlwide Services

Hi, my name is Scott Frost, and for more than 25 years I’ve been helping adult business-people and professionals whose first language is not English, speak and understand and write English better, giving them more confidence in their work environments.

As I write here on my web page, speakusaenglish.com, my client base includes executives from leading multinational companies, as well as professionals of all types.

Even though many of my students live, or have lived, in English-speaking countries, many just don’t feel comfortable participating in business meetings, conference calls, giving presentations, writing emails, or just having an informal conversation at lunch. They just don’t feel as comfortable as they would like to.

I have helped them speak more correctly and confidently in these and other situations in their lives.

In my virtual learning environment, all of my material is organized into courses, including Business English courses and General English courses. Inside each course are units with exercises that generally include an audio or video file, and corresponding questions for vocabulary and comprehension.

Some of my most popular Business English courses include Business Meetings, Developing Your Business English, and Effective Presentations.

One of my most popular general English courses is Conversation Patterns, in which my students learn the most typical ways native speakers use to express themselves, facilitating my students’ speaking, comprehension and confidence. As a natural part of this course, my students learn how to speak more correctly, without using traditional grammar methods.

So a typical class is a combination of a real time video chat with me, usually via Skype or Google hangouts, AND the students’ use of my virtual learning environment. So the student is controlling the volume levels, when to pause, rewind, how fast to answer the questions. Many times my students choose to do the exercises before class, and then spend class time reviewing, practicing and speaking.

So, with a high-speed internet connection, and my virtual learning environment, and a video interface such as Skype or Google Hangouts, anything that can be done in a face-to-face class can also be done in one of these virtual classes.

Normally, a student and I will coordinate a day and time where we usually have our weekly classes, and then we will have 4 classes per month (occasionally 5) and my student will have unlimited use of my virtual learning environment so they can study any time of the day or night!

For all of this, the final price is $85 U.S. dollars per month and the fees can be wire transferred to my United States bank account. Another way to pay is by PayPal. For that, the final price is US$90/month. Again, this includes 4 (sometimes 5) one-hour real-time video chat classes with me, and unlimited use of my virtual learning environment all month.

I have helped many adult students of all levels speak, understand and write English with more confidence, and I believe I can help you, too. So I would like to offer you a free, no-obligation class. Just send me an email at scottfrost@speakusaenglish.com, or use the contact button at speakusaenglish.com.

Thank you.