Truly Personalized English Classes

Nowadays it is very common to see the word “personalized” referring to a lot of various services. What does it mean for our English classes?

Students have certain objectives, which may include improving speaking and listening, increasing vocabulary, preparing for a business or vacation trip, writing better emails and giving more effective presentations. We provide a wide variety of excellent supplementary material to support these and other objectives.

But in our individual classes we also take personalizing one step further: We personalize the English that you want and need to express today! And we show you how to take your English and transform it to native-speaker level, with correct grammar, correct vocabulary, effective intonation and pronunciation.

Learn how to express what you want to say at native-speaker level English.

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99 or 100%

During your English classes, how much of the total time should you spend speaking in English?

Almost everybody would say 100% when they first see this question, and some of my students really do prefer this way. For those students, this is no problem; it’s easy for me to “forget” that I’m fluent in Spanish during an English class.

However, most of my students in reality prefer to learn new vocabulary and structures in English, but occasionally confirm them in Spanish. This is especially the case for vocabulary and expressions that are typically confusing for the Spanish-speaking learner, like false friends, and idiomatic expressions,  and other expressions (see another example).

The advantage is our students are very likely to learn new vocabulary right the first time.

Innovative Approaches

Most of our students come to us because they want to be able to say in English what they can say in Spanish – or at least get closer. The problem is they usually don’t have the necessary English vocabulary, grammar, intonation and pronunciation to say it as well as they can say it in their native language. In our truly personalized individual classes , we present a method by which you can make this jump from one class to the next, based on the English that you express in that first class.

What do we use? The English you’re trying to say today! What do you get? That exact same English presented to you at a native speaker level! You will see the difference in vocabulary, grammar, intonation and pronunciation between what you were trying to say, and how a native speaker would say the same thing. Then you will receive the tools to understand those differences, apply them yourself, and be tested on them in the future. In my 20 years of teaching, none of my students had ever seen this method previously, and most are amazed to be learning using their own English. Truly personalized.

But that’s not all….

Our classes are not exclusively grammar-based (see why), but during my 20 years teaching, I have found that there are moments when some of my students really want to understand the structure of some sentences better, so they can produce those sentences correctly in the future on their own.

For 15 years we have been using non-traditional and often innovative methods, such as collocations  and conversation patterns, as well as traditional grammar explanations when necessary or preferred.  The result? Explanations that simply make sense.

Whenever you want a grammar or vocabulary explanation, we can provide you with one clearly and easily.

In our classes, especially for intermediate students and above, we like to include the use of authentic materials to facilitate the language teaching. These authentic materials are even more effective when accompanied by supporting materials that help guide our students to understanding (as opposed to a  sink or swim  method). We have originally-prepared supporting materials for many TV shows, business DVDs, movies and more, which effectively support these realia.

As you can see, we innovate on the method and the material, as well as on the means.

“Not just a native speaker, but a native teacher!”

Online Courses

We offer internet classes, and have many online courses available. Try our virtual learning environment now by entering as a guest! . Please contact us for more information.