Do you want to practice your English but have little time?

In spite of your limited time, do you still want to feel the satisfaction of completing something?

Do you like a wide variety of material to choose from?

If you answered “Yes!”, then this new and quickly growing course category may be for you.

In this course category, you will find courses specializing in a variety of short authentic video clips (from 1-5 minutes long), organized by genre, such as:

-TV Series – Comedies
-TV Series – Dramas
-Movies – Comedies
-Movies – Dramas

Obviously, these clips were not designed for learning English (that’s the beauty of learning from authentic materials!). If you want to combine entertainment and English learning, then this course, and the Video Comedy course, are for you.

We have exercises that accompany these short videos. These exercises include a focus on vocabulary and understanding the main ideas of the video, followed by a more detailed understanding with a video transcript. Finally, there is another vocabulary and a short grammar exercise.

You will find units at three levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate and advanced!

The goal here is for you to challenge your listening comprehension, increase your vocabulary, read the video transcripts to see details, and discuss the content (with your teacher and/or in the forum in this section).

You do NOT need to follow the units in order. Just choose the video flash units you like best!