This is a course where you will not only be able to listen to and watch videos of well-known classic rock and pop songs in English, but you will also see some of the stories behind them.

In many cases, there has been great controversy regarding what these songs are really about. You will see evidence supporting various points of view, and you will have opportunities to vote on which points of view make the most sense to you. Then you will be able to see how other students have voted on these same questions.

Of course you will also do a variety of exercises that will help you better understand the lyrics, including vocabulary exercises, definitions and/or examples.

Some of the artists featured include The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Rod Stewart, and The Eagles.

It is the combination of studying not only the lyrics, but also the meanings and facts behind them that help you really understand the songs themselves, why they are classic and controversial. All of this makes for extremely intriguing learning and gives you insight into U.S. culture.

It is not necessary to follow any order. You may choose any unit you would like.

In addition to some specific vocabulary exercises, feel free to use the course glossary and dictionary block on this page for help with words.

Use the course forum and chat room to discuss the meanings of songs with other students, and request songs you’d like to see here in the future.