In this course, Socializing, you will learn strategies, skills and language for a variety of social situations typically found in and around business contexts.

The goal is for you to use the techniques and vocabulary presented so you can feel more confident and be more successful in these typical social situations in English.

Some of the unit topics include:

-Discussing politics

-How to say “no” without offending

-After-work socializing at a Happy hour

….and more!

Each unit has a clear objective, and inside each unit are well-defined sub-objectives.

You may begin doing the exercises whenever you want, you may stop any time you want, and you may continue at any time. The system will record your results. You will receive an immediate grade for all your exercises, and this information will remain private. Only you and the facilitator will be able to see your results. (This is true for all of our courses.)

Students of Speak USA English can begin this course now!