In this course, you will explore authentic lectures, presentations, and speeches in English, covering a variety of intriguing topics. (Feel free to suggest topics for future units!)

The original purpose of these videos is not for teaching English, but for showing the content. I have created the accompanying exercises to help you get the most out of these fascinating videos.

The goal here is for you to challenge your listening comprehension, increase your vocabulary, and discuss the content (with your teacher and/or in the forum in this section).

Some of the units include:

• Steve Jobs’ famous Stanford Commencement Speech
• Dan Pink talks about the Surprising Science of Motivation and its application in business
• U.S. President Barack Obama confirms Bin Laden’s Death
• Ken Robinson says Schools Kill Creativity
• Barry Schwartz on the Paradox of Choice
• Dr. James O’Keefe, cardiologist, discusses the health implications of running marathons

You do NOT need to follow the units in order.

To practice vocabulary, use the glossary and flash card exercises in each unit.

This course is recommended for upper-intermediate to advanced learners.