This course is designed to help students – especially upper-intermediate students – develop their abilities to speak and understand more natural-sounding English. Idiomatic expressions are grouped into concepts, such as time, schedules, cooperation, power, etc. This helps us remember them better.

“Putting idioms to use” presents the new idiomatic expressions in a communicative context, and gives many opportunities – through a variety of activities – to see and use the new expressions. One of these activities is a number of different role plays designed to help you use the new idioms.

We’ve even added some authentic video clips from movies and TV that use these expressions as an additional tool! It’s our way of saying, “These are high-frequency expressions, and here you can see it in use!”

Finally, the expressions learned in earlier units are recycled in later ones. This facilitates their learning even more!

With this course, you will understand more and more of your favorite TV shows and movies, and you will be able to speak better in everyday situations.