In this 11-unit course, you will explore the fundamentals of giving presentations in English.

The goal is for you to create a basic repertoire or toolbox of phrases, structures and strategies so that you can give presentations in English more fluently, more confidently and more successfully.

Some unit topics include:

• Making your introduction
• Describing Charts and Trends
• Using your Voice
• Presenting a SWOT Analysis
• Summarizing

Each unit has a clear objective, and inside each unit are well-defined sub-objectives, explanations and exercises. It is recommended, but not required, to follow the units in order.

To practice vocabulary, use the glossary and flash card exercises in each unit.

These units contain exercises that will specifically help you apply what you learn to your own presentations!

But one thing is for sure, a good presentation requires preparation. Many students have reported that after finishing this course, even their presentations in their native language are better.