CONVERSATION PATTERNS (Patrones de Conversación)

This dynamic course identifies and focuses on 150 patterns of conversation that native speakers use all the time. In fact, in one hour of conversation, a typical native speaker will use 80 or 100 of these 150 patterns. On the other hand, most students will only use 15 to 25 in one hour of conversation.

This is a critical difference because native speakers use these patterns to communicate their feelings and ideas. So if you are not using these patterns, you are not really “speaking their language”.

In this 28-lesson course, you can learn these patterns: what they are, what they mean, and how to use them correctly. You will also practice recognizing and using these patterns in offline and online exercises, and in authentic material, such as songs and short videos. Finally, you will have ample opportunity to use them yourself in guided and free conversation. Each unit builds on the previous one, so it is important to follow the units in order.

This course will give you confidence speaking, because when you learn a pattern and how to use it, you know you will be speaking correctly! Also, you will be able to understand natives better, and native speakers won’t need to make such an effort to understand you, since you will be “speaking their language”.

Happy learning!