Business Meetings One

In this 13-unit course, we will learn useful language for a variety of meetings.

The fact is that meetings are an essential part of almost every person’s job. Therefore, it is a key skill to be able to perform well in meetings. Inevitably, it is necessary to give opinions, disagree politely, and speak skillfully and with diplomacy. People who can do this are the ones who tend to have more successful careers.

There are many types of meetings, from small, informal discussions to large, formal conferences. Also meetings can be face-to-face, or they can be with video or audio teleconferencing.

The objective of this course is to study all the essentials you need for participating actively in, and, when required, leading and managing the discussion.

Some unit topics include:

– Agreeing and Disagreeing
– Making, Accepting, and Rejecting Suggestions
– Clarifying – both what was said and what was meant
– Opening and Closing Meetings
– Discussing Problems

Each unit has a clear objective, and inside each unit are well-defined sub-objectives, explanations and exercises. It is recommended, but not required, to follow the units in order.

To practice vocabulary, use the glossary and flash card exercises in each unit.

These units contain exercises that will specifically help you apply what you learn to your own business meetings!